In need of Professional Fuel Pump Repair Service?

Searching for fuel pump repair and replacement service provider in Wesley Chapel, FL? Don’t look any further as Mobile Mechanic is already here ready to assist you not just with fuel pump repair and replacement but also with other car repair and maintenance needs. Just ring us and we will head to your location wherever you are in Wesley Chapel, FL.

How Does Fuel Pump Functions?

For some reference, the fuel pump is the one that supplies pressurized gasoline to all of the fuel injectors in your automobile’s engine. Also, the fuel pump is driven by a compact electric motor and it is sited in your vehicle’s gas tank. The regulator is the one that controls the output of your car’s pump and the pressure. Moreover, the filtration of the petrol happens either in the fuel tank utilizing a pickup screen or on the outside through a replaceable filter attached in the fuel source line. Aside from that, our company also offers car AC repair and auto electric repair services.


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When Should You Consider Fuel Pump Repair And Replacement?

High quality and first-class OEM fuel pump may last for an indefinite period. Nevertheless, similar to any other electro-mechanical component, your car’s fuel pump will sooner or later be damaged and fail. In case it fails to yield sufficient pressure you may need fuel pump repair and it totally stops functioning, your car has to undergo fuel pump replacement. With that you have to be aware of the indications that you need fuel pump repair or replacement; here are some of them:

  • Your vehicle won’t start or suddenly stalls and don’t  restart

You should be aware that a malfunctioning fuel pump that needs repair or replacement may prevent your vehicle from starting or it may stall it.

  • The check engine light is turned on

Occasionally a car’s fuel pump will fail gradually, and that basically means that the fuel pressure and the volume gradually degrade. You should note that the lack of fuel may trigger the engine operating deprived of sufficient fuel relative to the quantity of air, which caused the check engine light to be turned on.

  • Buzzing noise coming from the fuel tank

As your car’s fuel pump malfunctions, you may possibly observe a buzzing or humming noise from the fuel tank area, on the way to the rear portion of your vehicle. In case the noise is coming from your auto’s fuel pump, its failure is frequently forthcoming and you must call Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL for fuel pump repair or replacement immediately to avoid impending inconvenience.

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How Do Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL Performs The Fuel Pump Reair Or Replacement?

In case you call Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL to perform the fuel pump repair or replacement process, here are the things you can expect from us.

  • Your car’s fuel pump will be tested first just to ensure it’s really not functioning. If it still does, then a fuel pump repair is needed.
  • In case the fuel pump is found faulty, we will remove it from the tank via access panel sited above the tank inside the passenger compartment.
  • In case there is no access panel, we will drain the fuel in the tank first. Afterward, the fuel tank should be pulled down from the car have access to the fuel pump.
  • In all fuel pump replacement instances, the return hoses, EVAP system hoses, along with electrical connections going to the pump, and the fuel pump itself must be detached.
  • The moment your car’s fuel pump is removed, and pick up screens and returnable brackets will be attached to the new pump. Subsequently, the new pump will be installed.
  • In case the fuel system utilizes an in-line external filter, it will be replaced. Also, all electrical connections along with the hoses are re-established.
  • At this point, the fuel will be added to the tank. Afterward, the engine will be run to be able to test if there is any leak.
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Will It Be Safe For You To Drive Despite Your Facing Fuel Pump Issue?

Typically, it’s still safe for you to drive even if your fuel pump has a problem. But then, you should keep in mind that a failing fuel pump may cause an overheated catalytic converter and engine. Also, a total fuel pump failure will possibly leave you stranded. Most often than not, the car won’t be able to start before driving initially.

Nonetheless, if ever the fuel pump problem you are facing involves leaks of vapors or gas, it is dangerous for you to continue driving. With that, we are recommending you to call Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL immediately so we can check your car and do fuel pump repair or replacement immediately. Just call us and we will be there do to the job for you!

Why Call Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL In Times You Need fuel Pump Replacement?

Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL was able to service and help numerous clients all through the years. We can assure you that they are all contented and satisfied not just with our fuel pump repair and replacement but also with our other car care services. Apart from that, below are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

We Come To Wherever You Are In Wesley Chapel, FL

Since we are a mobile mechanic, we will be the one to head to your location wherever you are in Wesley Chapel, FL. If your car won’t start due to fuel pump malfunction, we will be the one to come to you and do the diagnostics and perform fuel pump repair or if necessary a fuel pump replacement. No more pricey towing fees and no need for you to wait at auto mechanic shops. Just call us and we come to you and assist you instantly!

ASE Certified Mechanics Will Handle Your Fuel Pump Replacement

Our mechanics are ASE certified and they will be the one to the fuel pump repair or replacement for you. Since they are certified, skilled, and knowledgeable not just in this kind of service, we can make sure that everything will be done right and you will be back on the road immediately!

We Are 24/7/365 Available To Help And Assist You

Yes, that’s right! Different from a typical mechanic shop, Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL is ready to help you 24/7/365! No need to wait for the office hours as you can call us even it’s already midnight. After the phone conversation and we already have the details, we will head to your location and resolve the problem you’re facing!

Call Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL NOW!

If you are in need of fuel pump repair or replacement services or any car maintenance services, we hope you already know who you should call. Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel, FL is always here for you and is available 24/7/365 to help you hit back the road immediately!

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