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Global warming starts to take a toll in the environment. And this can easily be felt when you are inside the car and the scorching sun melts you dry. Imagine, when you leave the car out too long in the sun, and suddenly you enter the car, the heat that was trapped inside the car is enough to boil an egg hard!

While you can do a lot for the environment to lessen the effects of global warming, you, too, can do something to your car to protect yourself from the heat. In the hot and humid Florida weather, it is almost absolutely necessary that you drive as comfortably as you can, as cool as you can ever get. And everything can be summed up into three words. Car. Air-conditioning. System.

All of your distress will be resolved with a well-functioning car air-conditioning system. Should you wait until your car air-conditioning unit to finally break down before you call the experts? Mobile Mechanic Wesley Chapel FL is here to help you. So, call our experienced professionals to take care of your car air-conditioning problems as soon as you feel the heat of the Florida sun. 

There are a lot of shops out there. And looking for a shop you can trust can be difficult. But we would like to earn your trust, just like how we earned the trust of our hundreds of customers. We have been in the business for decades and we could not have stayed in the business if it weren’t for our patrons who trust us with their car air-conditioning needs. We are a group of highly qualified and well-trained professionals that you will absolutely love. Our friendly and accommodating staff will immediately assess your car and tell you what we can do for you and your car. You might like to check also our wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair services. 


About Our Services

We offer unit check, repair, and replacements of any parts of a car air-conditioning system. Be it your condenser, your compressor, A/C hose, fans, coolant, refrigerant—anything about air-conditioning your car, you name it, we have it. No matter the car make or year model, our professionals can guarantee a car air-conditioning system that will perform beyond your expectations.

While driving around during summer, it is definitely uncomfortable to drive without your air-condition on. Checking your car’s air-conditioning system is included during your regular preventive maintenance checks. But sometimes, things happen and your air-conditioning unit suddenly fails to function properly. Sometimes, leaks happen. Sometimes, the coolant suddenly evaporates. Sometimes, your regular mechanic misses a problem during inspection. And if that happens, you know who to call. Us. 

Some shops have long queues before you can be serviced. But not us. We have efficient staff who can service you at once. Our shop is clean and spacious so even if you will enjoy hanging out in our shop, you will glad to know that assessment is done over a few minutes. You will know at once what is wrong in your car air-conditioning and know what to do with it. You will be informed of the cost and how long will the repair or replacement will take.

We can check, repair, and replace any part of your car air-conditioning system. The result? A long-lasting coolness inside your car.  Check also our alternator replacement and fuel pump repair services.

Our service comes with the best service, the best staff, the best materials, solutions, and machines, and the best price. Our materials will guarantee that future breakdowns will be prevented.

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Contact us for anything and everything about your car’s air-conditioning system. And if you don’t know what’s wrong with car air-conditioning unit, give us a call. We will check it for you. Our team is certified to assess your car air-conditioning system to tell you exactly what’s wrong with it and what we can do about it. It can be as fast as a simple top-off of the coolant or refrigerant, or it can be that an additional diagnostics may be recommended to determine the cause of the problem. We do visual inspection, temperature analysis, pressure readings, and leak evaluations. And many more. 

We also use top-quality materials and solutions as well as top-of-the-line tools and machines so you can expect nothing but fast, efficient, and accurate readings and evaluations. So you can expect nothing but the best service from the best service provider of car air-conditioning system.

You and your car are definitely safe. We have the best mechanics with remarkable reputations. We have service packages that you can avail at competitive prices. We have several mechanics so you can expect your car to be immediately handled and you can expect it back at the time and date we promised—we hate delays. We also offer after-service service and we would love to hear from you. Your feedbacks are important to us because these help us to serve you better. We are also committed to help the environment (and lessen the cause of global warming) so you can be sure that we use environment-friendly machines and solutions. We also dispose our waste and residues properly. We have prompt service. We have quality service. We have service you can trust.

Our service is our pride. With over decades of good reputation under our belt, it is guaranteed that you will be happy with the service we provide. Our fast and excellent service will definitely make you refer us to your family and friends and you won’t be sorry for doing so. Our staff are all trained to be accommodating and polite. Our mechanics will treat you like family and will never deceive you to let you pay more than the service you require. Our service to you is personal and customized. We offer you your best possible options at the best price. You call us when it’s most convenient. You can send an email too for booking an appointment. Our staff will schedule you at your most convenient time as well. And you will experience nothing but quality service.

Come to us and let us take care of your car air-conditioning unit to guarantee a cool you as you drive under the hot weather.

Just relax and enjoy your ride. We got you covered to cool you down.

The best service! High quality and affordable. Thank you for repairing my car.
Bob G. (Wesley Chapel, Fl)
Thank you for the quick action to repair my flat tire. Very good service.
Shanna C. (Wesley Chapel, Fl)
Highly recommended. They have advanced tools to repair your car immediately. Thank you so much. Cheers for the team!
David R.(Wesley Chapel, Fl)


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