In need of Professional Brake Repair Service?

Does your car have a brake problem? We are ready to assist you in that matter! We offer brake repair into the whole area of Wesley Chapel, FL. We know how important is to fix your brakes before you continue to your destination! 

Florida is such a good place to visit but you may feel burdened when your car has a problem. Let us help you! We can go to where you are as we have a mechanic on the move ready for customers like you. They have the necessary tools so no need to worry that your car should be towed in a repair shop.

We come to you and do our work as fast as we can with the note that you are going somewhere and the heat of Florida can take a toll. Additionally, we are also offering services like wheel bearing replacementpower steering repair and more


About Our Services

Having a Regular Brake Service

Every driver uses the brakes but you may not know that maintenance of it is very essential. Preventing brakes problem is a very good practice for safety.  As your car is being used, the brakes can be worn out. That is why you should let them be checked when you reached the 3,000 miles record or every 3 months.

You can also notice when your brakes are not in good condition when your car does not stop immediately when you use the brakes. Stopping immediately is needed as there are many unexpected encounters while driving. That is why for your safety as the driver and all the passengers you have and the people you will encounter on the road have your brake regularly checked. Replace them if needed. Consider checking also our alternator replacement and fuel pump repair services.

Replacing Brakes

Brake replacement is necessary as they become worn out with continuous use. When you press your brake pedal and you will hear of a screeching sound or a grinding sound it means that the metal parts are scraping with each other. If you will not address this matter then expect that you signed yourself in for a more extensive repair.

Surely you want to avoid that situation. Let us do the work for you! Being busy is not an excuse as we can go to your home for the job or in your office or working place to fix it. You just have to dial our phone number and make an appointment.

It does not take long because it could be simple just like changing the brake pads. Add just sometimes when damaged to the rotors or if the lines of the brakes are already giving up.

It is also advisable that you replace your brakes because your oil will thank you. Oil price can go up and it hurt your budget. To be efficient in using oil while stopping, the requirement to it is a good and working brake.

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Services and Offers 

As we value you as our customer and would want to establish a good relationship, we also offer some discounts and other promos so you can avail of them and make savings. A happy and contented customer is what we aim to achieve in every service. This serves as our thanks to you as our customer.

Do not risk more damage to your brakes by ignoring even if noise is already being made. Do not take time thinking of other things related to it but think first of your safety and others. When something is wrong, there can be signs to tell you that. So if you hear the noise, contact us. Do not hesitate to call us when you have brake repair problems or other car related problems as we can work on them.

We do not just focus on the brake repair but also offer any car repair that you need or towing assistance or a mobile mechanic to be sent your way in case of emergency. We had already widened our expertise and are ready to take on any problem you will throw on us regarding your car.

We have serviced various car brands so do not worry about it. We go beyond our comfort zone so we can deliver various services maintaining our reputation to give you the best service and maintain a good relationship.

The Company 

Brake Repair in Wesley Chapel had been around for a long time giving service to thousands of customers already. Daily there are drivers and car owners that call the office for inquiries and making appointments. Our goal is to provide a fast service with the same quality of service that you deserve. We know you love your car so we will treat it with care.

Many sometimes hesitate to leave their car in machine shops because of some undesirable experiences they had heard or already experience. But we ensure that your car would be taken with great care. Our purpose is to fix your car. But if it needs more time, we require you to leave it at the shop. We do not sacrifice the quality of service we provide just to give you your car as soon as possible since the time we had taken a look at it.

If you had availed of the home service brake repair or office area brake repair then we would be there. That is a great advantage for you as a customer and also to us as we can give service more. We go wherever you are here in Wesley Chapel. This is a shop that has become part of the community over the years as we operate. 

We know our loyal customers, the new ones, the regular passerby, the place own history, and many more. We know we are located here in Florida which other people visit because of its weather. That is why we have also given brake repair service to a tourist that happens to encounter the problem here.

Contact us for a brake repair or for a make an appointment for your brake maintenance. You will thank yourself when you do this! We are just here in Wesley Chapel, FL.

The best service! High quality and affordable. Thank you for repairing my car.
Bob G. (Wesley Chapel FL, Fl)
Thank you for the quick action to repair my flat tire. Very good service.
Shanna C. (Wesley Chapel FL, Fl)
Highly recommended. They have advanced tools to repair your car immediately. Thank you so much. Cheers for the team!
David R.(Wesley Chapel FL, Fl)


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